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                                             WORLD HISTORY

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This page is designed to support the textbook "Short Lessons in World History," though this website has no official connection to the text, its authors, or its publisher.

None of these activities have been made by Mr. Ferlazzo. All these links will take you to websites created by companies, public institutions, or other teachers. Look around their sites when you go to the links

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Sites That Cover Many Periods of World History
The First Civilized People
Greece and Rome
The Middle Ages
Later Middle Ages
Europe's Power Grows Greater
The Industrial Revolution
The Beginning of Modern World Problems
The World In The Twentieth Century
Years of Hope and Disappointment
A Time of Change and Progress
Toward The Twenty-First Century


Sites That Cover Many Periods of World History
Today In History
Headline History
Medicine Through Time
Great Speeches
History Overview
Easy English World History
History of Money
Multilingual History Glossary 
Imperial History of the Middle East 
History Channel Videos
Many History Tests
Awesome Stories
  Interactive History Games
History Games
Timeline Games
History of Religion
Eyewitness to History
The Last Thousand Years 
Zoom Explorers 
World Religions 
Western Religions 
Scientists in History 
Virtual Time Travel
What Came First Game
Flashback Movies
Time Pirates
Maps of War
Brainpop (Get password from Mr. Ferlazzo)
Brainpop Jr. (Get password from Mr. Ferlazzo)  
Famous Painters
Purpose Games -- History 
Awesome Stories
Kids Past World History and Games
History Link 101   
British History 
HRW World History Translated Summaries 
National Geographic History Videos
Photos That Changed The World 
Bitesize World History

The First Civilized People
Early Human Migration
Cartoons About Ancient Egypt
The Merchant of Baghdad 
Ancient Egypt
E-Glossary of World History Words
Indus Valley
Miracle Bread
Glossary of Ancient World History
More Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt: Life On The Nile
Ancient China Movie
Babylonian Myths
Ancient Myths
Egyptian Story of Creation
Ancient Egypt
The Mummy
The River
Journey of Mankind
Ancient Egypt
Early Humans
Living in the Ice Age
Tour Through Time
The First Civilizations
Ancient India, China and Central America
Ancient Civilizations
Egyptian Pyramid
Welcome to Ancient Egypt
Build a Pyramid Game
Ancient Egypt
More Ancient Egypt
Ancient Trade
Hindus in India
Tour a Buddhist Temple
Dance in India
Tour the Temple of Confucius
Technology in China
Ancient China
More on China
Great Wall of China
Tour of The Great Wall
Egyptian Society
Mummy Game

Another Mummy Game
Pyramid Game
Tool Game
Mummy Maker Game
Great Pyramid
Fertile Crescent
The Bantu
American Civilizations
More Mesopotamia
Seven Wonders
Wonders of the Ancient World Game
Explore the Pyramids
More Ancient Egypt
More Mesopotamia
Cave of Lascaux
Learn About Egypt
Prepare A Mummy For Burial
Dig Into History
City of Petra
Ancient Africa
Brainteaser -- Ancient Egypt
Eye On the Nile
Wikijunior Ancient Civilizations
The Druids
Ancient Egyptian Game of Senet
Royal Game Ur from Mesopotamia
Ancient Egypt: The Magic Lesson
Ancient Egypt Activities
Ancient Egypt Facts
Explore A Pyramid
Kids Past World History and Games
Hammurabi's Code
Egyptian Tomb Adventure
Who's Your Mummy?
Ancient Egypt
Where Was Ancient Egypt?
Death In Sakkara
Tomb of the Unknown Mummy
Herod's Lost Tomb
Herod's Map
Egyptian Mummies
More on the Cave of Lascaux

Greece and Rome
The Trojan Horse (may load slowly)
The Last Day of Pompeii 
Winged Sandals -- Greek Myths
Alexander the Great

Every Coin Tells a Story
Egypt During Roman Rule 
Glossary of Ancient History
Ancient Greece and Rome

History of the Marathon
Ancient Israel and Greece
The Rise and Fall of Rome
Ancient Greece
  Romans in Great Britain
The Romans
The Birth of Christianity
Spread of Christianity
Education in Greece
Greek Ships
Greek Ship Game
Greek Figures
Build the Parthenon Game
Persian Wars
Rome Senate
Tour a Roman Bath
Travel Along a Roman Road
Gods of Ancient Greece and Rome
Roman Empire
Division of the Roman Empire
Invasions Into the Roman Empire
Roman Gladiator Game
Build an Aqueduct
Dress a Roman Solider
The Romans
More on the Romans
Fight the Barbarian Game
Adventures in Ancient Greece
Ancient Greek Game
Ancient Greek Test
Ancient Rome Test
Wikijunior Ancient Civilizations
The Olympic Games
It's Greek To Me
Ancient Rome Penalty Shot Game
Ancient Greece Activities
Ancient Greece Facts
Ancient Rome Activities
Ancient Rome Facts
Kids Past World History and Games
Greece, Roman, Egypt
Acropolis Virtual Tour 
March of Democracy 
Roman Snakes and Ladders
Death In Rome Game
The Roman Mysteries Games (Walkthrough For Chapter One; Walkthrough For Chapter Two; Walkthrough for Chapter Three; Walkthrough for Chapter Four; Walkthrough For Chapter Five)
Alexander The Great
War and Power In Ancient Rome

The Middle Ages
Birth of a King
King Arthur
Viking Story of Creation
Mayan Story of Creation
Incan Story of Creation
The Princess and the Dragon

Middle Ages in Europe
More Middle Ages
Early Mexico
Exploring the Aztecs
The Aztecs 
Ancient Aztecs
Aztec Virtual Tour
  History of Mexico
Ancient Mesoamerica
Brainteaser -- The Incas
The Great Inca Rebellion
The Maya
Tour a Mayan City
Maya Quiz
The Vikings
More on the Vikings
Viking Quest Game
Even More on the Vikings
Thorkel and The Trading Ship Game 
The Birth of Islam
Mecca Video
The Arab Empire 
Joust Game
Weapons in China
Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat Slideshow
Angkor Wat In Pictures
Medieval Times Game
Destroy the Castle Game
A Day In The Life Of A Monk
Middle Ages 
Castle Pictures
The Crusades
Journey Through the Middle Ages
The Rise of Islam
The Birth of Islam
The Arab Empire
The Olmec and The Maya
Culture of the Maya
African Civilizations
More African Civlizations
Even More African Civilizations
Marco Polo
Footsteps of Marco Polo
Genghis Khan
Medieval England
The Medieval Herald
A Day In the Life of a Monk
The Plague
More on The Plague
Awesome Stories -- Black Death
The Middle Ages
The Crusades
Find a Castle 
The Medieval Age
Anglo-Saxon Crime and Punishment
Genghis Khan Game
The Middle Ages
Kids Past World History and Games
Joust Challenge
Shields Of Honor 
A Feudal Society
The Aztec Empire
Aztec World 

Later Middle Ages
Leonardo da Vinci 
King Henry VIII
Magna Carta
The Middle Ages
Renaissance Connection
The Renaissance
More on the Renaissance
Islamic Middle East
The da Vinci Experience
Universal Leonardo
More on the Renaissance
Kids Past World History and Games
Medieval London
Tudor Religion -- Burning of Martyrs
Printing Press Animation


Europe's Power Grows Greater
Christopher Columbus
More Christopher Columbus
The Ancient Maya
European Rulers
Spreading Revolution
Europe After the Congress of Vienna 
The Conquistadors
The French Revolution
Hernando Cortez 
The Aztecs
The Tudors
Ben Franklin Story Part One
Ben Franklin Story Part Two
Ben Franklin Again
Ben Franklin

More Ben Franklin

Even More Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin's Experiments

Ben Franklin's Private Life

Ben Franklin

Thomas Jefferson
Declaration of Independence
Declaration of Independence Again
George Washington
More on George Washington
Mt. Vernon
More Thomas Jefferson
Even More Thomas Jefferson
Jefferson's Home (click on "Tours")
Fourth of July
America's Capitol
E-Word Game
More E-Word Games
Bill of Rights
More Bill of Rights
Even More Bill of Rights
Words in the Constitution (in English and Spanish)
Declaration of Independence
The White House
Democratic Values
Revolutionary War Battles
Early American Tools
Thomas Paine
John Adams Letters
Bill of Rights
Ben's Guide to Government
Washington, D.C.
American Revolution Game
Sign the Consitution
Early America Movies
Early America Reading and Quizzes
The American Revolution PowerPoint
Revolutionary War Quiz
Revolutionary War Information
Bill of Rights Movie
U.S. Constitution Quizzes
Declaration of Independence Painting
The Struggle for North America
Explore the Boston Tea Party
The USS Constitution
Images of the French Revolution
Merchants of the Great Exchange Game
Explorers Quiz
Explorers Quiz 2
Explorers Test
Another Explorers Quiz
Blackbeard the Pirate
Kids Past World History and Games
Christopher Columbus
Voyage of Exploration
1759 War (click on "T")
Settlers In Canada
Age Of Exploration
New World Game

The Industrial Revolution
Florence Nightingale
George Stephenson

The Industrial Revolution Begins
Centers of Industry
Children at Work During the Industrial Revolution
Karl Marx
The Steam Engine
The Industrial Revolution 
Muck and Brass Game
Tour A Victorian House

The Beginning of Modern World Problems
History Bingo  (Click on History, then click on "WWI")
Imperialism in India
Imperialism in China
Unification of Germany
Nationalities in Europe
Imperialism in South Asia
Ottoman Empire
The Russian Revolution
Australia and New Zealand
Imperialism in Latin America
Irish Potato Famine
Impressionism Movie 
Klondike: Rush For Gold

The World In The Twentieth Century
History Bingo (Click on History, then click on "Weimer" and "WWII")
Europe Before World War I
Ottoman Empire During World War I
Europe After World War I
Middle East During the 1920's
Japan's Expanding Empire
Soviet Union
Aggression in Europe
World War II in the Pacific
Anne Frank's Journal
Story of Anne Frank
Flight and Rescue
Life After The Holocaust
 Auschwitz Movie 

Children and the Holocaust
Korean War
The Holocaust
World Alliances
The World Wars
Wilson Elected
More President Wilson
Even More President Wilson
Wilson's Foreign Policy 
Wilson Re-Elected
The U.S. Enters World War I
World War I 
World War I Ends
Peace Treaty
More on the Ending of World War I
America Turns Inward
League of Nations
Fear of Communism After World War I
Roaring Twenties

Arts and the 1920's
Presidents Harding and Coolidge
After World War I
Empire State Building
The Great Depression
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Eleanor Roosevelt
More on Franklin Roosevelt
World War Two Begins
Declaration of War
Pearl Harbor
Tuskegee Airmen
Franklin Roosevelt Pearl Harbor Speech
Japanese and World War II
The Holocaust
Victory in Europe
World War Two Ends
Harry Truman
General Douglas MacArthur
Atomic Bomb
Babe Ruth
Josh Gibson
Anne Frank
Amelia Earhart
The Diary of Amelia Earhart
Birth of Jazz
More Amelia Earhart
Charles Lindbergh
"This Land is My Land" Song
Winston Churchill
Helen Keller (may load slowly)
The American Dream
Brother, Can You Spare a Dime Song
Voices From The Lodz Ghetto
Adolf Hitler Video
Pearl Harbor Video
Japanese Internment Stories
Japanese Internment (click on "read" and "listen")
Japanese Internment Camps
Japanese Internment Photos
Japanese Americans -- The War at Home
More on Japanese Internment Camps
More on Japanese Internment
Japanese Internment Camp Video
More Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor
Make a Movie About the Titanic
World War I Slideshow
World War I Information
Photos of World War I
BBC World War I
More Helen Keller
Women's Suffrage Movie
Panama Canal
World War II Timeline Game
World War II Photos
Online Tour of Submarine
World War I Movie
Mahatma Gandhi Film
Gandhi Assassinated
Titanic Interactive
World War II Remembered
Kristallnacht Slideshow
Warsaw Uprising


Years of Hope and Disappointment
Our Changing Nation
South Asian Nations
The Middle East
Golda Meir

A Time of Change and Progress
Mother Teresa   
The Space Race
Africa Puzzle Map
Northern Africa Puzzle Map
Southern Africa Puzzle Map
Learn African Countries
African Countries Game
Drag African Countries Game
Many African Map Games
African Rainforest (click on "Complete")
Niger (Click on "Hear Story")
AIDS in Africa (Click on "Hear Story")
Drought in Mozambique Video
Sleeping Sickness in Ethiopa Video

Coral Reefs in Mauritius Video
Saving Parakeets in Mauritius Video
Fighting Land Erosion in Lesotho Video
Saving the Jungle in Congo Video
Fishing in Uganda Video
Elections in Burundi Video
Malawi Video
Ethiopia Video
Tourism in Senegal Video
Solar Power in Swaziland Video
Food Crisis in Southern Africa Video
Darfur Video
Namibia Video
South Africa Video
African Rainforest (click on "Complete")
More Endangered Species
African Water Shortage (Click on "Hear Story")
Malawi Game
The Ways of Knowing Trail
The Three Tests -- An African Folktale
The Blacksmith 
Bintou's Braids

Toward The Twenty-First Century
The Fall of the Soviet Union
The Former Yugoslavia
The Global North and the Global South
The European Union
Oil in the World
Weapons of Mass Destruction
The 1990's
The United States Invades Iraq
More on the Iraq War
Bush on Iraq
President Bush and the World
The Internet
More on the Internet
Internet Again
Future of the Internet
Low-Cost Computers for Poor
Muslims and the United States
More Immigration
Recycling Story
Bottles That Pollute (Click on "Complete")
Climate Change (Click on "Hear Story")
What Happens to Our Garbage?
Even More Climate Change
Climate Change Again
Climate Change to Bring Drought
Helping Africa
Bird Flu
More Bird Flu
High Oil Prices
Rising Oil Prices
Law Protects Disabled People
Gun Laws
Cell Phones
Polluting Cars
Alaskan Oil Spill
California Toxic Spill
Exxon Valdez
Forces Changing the World
Iran and a Nuclear Bomb
World Poverty
More on 9/11
Even More on 9/11
Columbia Space Shuttle
Next on the Internet
Water Alert Game
Even More Climate Change (click on "Part 1")
Climate Change Again (click on "hear story")
Iraq (Click on "Hear Story")
A Clean Earth
Taking Care of the Earth
Recycling (Click on "CC")
The United Nations
Free Trade Agreements
Presidential Election of 2000
World News
Genocide in the Congo
Safe Drinking Water
Osama Bin Laden
Terrorism Movie
International Space Station Movie
Global Warming Movie
More on Global Warming
Global Warming
Even More on Global Warming
What Causes Global Warming
Breathing Earth
Movie on the Internet
Nuclear Weapons Game
Food Force Game
International Space Station
Sim Sweatshop Game
Consumer Consequences Game
Against All Odds
Zero Footprint Calculator
Race For A Living Planet
Environmental Intelligence Unit
Animal Materials
Planet Green Game
Darfur is Dying
Sudan In Crisis
Crisis In Darfur Expands
Global Citizenship
Planet In Peril
Global Warming Map
Miniature Earth
World Conflicts Today
NASA's Fifty Years In Space
Peace Corps Challenge Game
World Food Prices
Sustainability Game
Jogo Green
The Basics Of Global Warming
Forces Of Change
Rwanda Genocide
Refugees Worldwide
The Global Rich List
The Race Against Global Poverty
My Sust House









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