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Geography & United States History 
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United States History Class Blog  (This blog has a complete year-long curriculum that's very accessible to English Language Learners)
Temporary Copy of Class Blog

Geography (designed to align support the textbook "World View" though this website has no
official connection to the text, its authors, or its

United States History (designed to support
the textbook "America's Story" though this
website has no official connection to the
text, its authors, or its publisher)
Sites That Cover Many Periods
The Early Settlers of America
Building a New Country
The United States Grows
The Nation Grows and Divides
After The Civil War
The United States Becomes A  Modern Nation
Problems At Home And Across The Sea
Our Changing Nation
Challenges In Today's World


Sites That Cover Many Areas
Many Map Games
Connect The World Game

Country Game

Refugees (click on "Complete")
Many Geography Word Games
One Small World Song
Volcanoes Around the World
World Landmarks
Country, Language, Nationality
Where Are You From?
Around the World Movie
My Aunt Came Back
Dances From Around the Globe
Creation Myths from Around the World
Videos -- United Nations in Action (Economic Development)
Videos -- United Nations in Action (Environment)
Videos -- United Nations in Action (Health)
Videos -- United Nations in Action (Refugees)
Videos -- United Nations in Action (Peace and Security)
Videos -- United Nations in Action (Women)
Videos -- United Nations in Action (Youth)
Living on Earth
Many E Word Games
National Geographic Radio Expeditions
Where is He From?
Country Names Memory Test
Ratty Goes All Over the World
Volcanoes Around the World
Geography Bingo
Conquer the Continents Game
Travel Around the World Game (you may need an Atlas to answer questions)
Explore the World
Country Reports
Fact Monster: Countries
World Factbook
Country At A Glance
Info Please -- Countries
Countries of the World (Type in "deskref" for the Password)
World Atlas
More Information on Countries
Visual Geography
State Department Country Notes
HRW World Atlas
Culture Crossing
Maps For Kids -- Other Countries
Nations Online
Study Buddy Atlas
World Info Zone (click on "world")
Explore the World
Social Explorer
National Geographic For Kids
Where Is That?
Country Flags and Anthems
Geosense Game
Global Trek
Earth From Space
Videos from Around the World
World Landmarks
More Wonders of the World
Great Wonders Of The World
New Seven Wonders Of The World
Panoramas Of The New Seven Wonders
Simple Geography
Flash Earth Maps
Pictures From Around the World
More Map Games
Geography Activities
Pictures of Places
World Mapper
World Folktales
Sunken Ship Game
The Arctic
Discovering Antarctica
Cities Around the World
Travel Videos
Planet Earth Photo Journey
Planet Earth Videos
Planet Earth Google Earth Tour
Lonely Planet Travel Videos
Geography Videos
Virtual Tourism
Earth Guide
Discovery Atlas
Geography Photos
Atlas Quest Game
TerrClues Game
World Weather
Webcams From Around The World
I Like To Learn Geography Games
Go On A Family Adventure Game
Adventure Ecology Game
3rd World Farmer Game
Cities Around the World
Panorama Map
Eye In The Sky Panoramas
Gigapan Panoramas
Panoye Panoramas
Panoramas -- Library of Congress
Monterey Jack's
Interactive Scavenger Hunt
Brainpop (Get password from Mr. Ferlazzo)
Brainpop Jr. (Get password from Mr. Ferlazzo)
Geography Challenge
Guess The Place
Maps of War
Sound Transit 
 (Get password from Mr. Ferlazzo)
Purpose Games -- Geography
Geography At The Movies
Where In The World?
K-Bears Geography 
What The World Eats
Balloon Race 
Pirate Challenge
Around The World in 80 Seconds
Traveler IQ Challenge
Destination Slideshows 
Nations Illustrated 
Test Your Geography Knowledge
Legendary Monsters From Around The World 
Clue Maps 
Puzzle Maps
Label Maps
Geo Games
Wonders Of The World
Virtual Earth
360 Cities
GeoBeats Videos
Reach The Word Games

World of Global Health Games
Satellite Challenge Game
Public Profiler/World Names
Onion Map
Guess The Flag
Expedition Game
Earth Album
Discovery Atlas
Geography Quiz
Newsday Photos
Where On Earth?



Introduction To Maps
Maps and Globes

Where Do You Live?

How To Read A Map

Directions Game

Around Town

Compass Rose

Using a Map Grid

Giving Directions

More Directions

Even More Directions

E Word Game -- People Everywhere

E Word Game -- People and Places

Tina's World

Treasure Map

Map Symbols Activity

Map Symbols Test

Maps and Globes

Geographic Literacy
(Click on "Geographic Literacy")
Make A Map
The Globe Unwrapped  
Walk the Plank
Story of Longitude
One Moment Around The World
Latitude and Longitude (go to 5th Grade; then Interactive Maps)
Map of the World
Map Games
Latitude and Longitude Movie
Latitude and Longitude
Map Reading Activities
Latitude and Longitude Game
How Maps Work
Time Zones
More on Time Zones
Even More on Time Zones
Time Zones Again
Reading a Street Map
Historical Maps
Map Concepts
Paint The Map
Topographic Map
Map Scales
Road Maps
More on Road Maps
Compass Rose
Population Maps
Map Keys
World Map
Exploring Maps
Geography Test
Learning About Maps and Directions
Maps of the World
All About Maps
Latitude & Longitude
Reading A Map
Don't Gross Out The World

Introduction to Geography
Continents and Oceans
Learn Continents and Oceans
Continents and Oceans Game
Drag Continents and Oceans Game
Geography Words
More Geography Words
Even More Geography Words
Geography Words Again

Land and Water
Looking at the Earth
Building Dams
More Continents and Oceans
Trading Bananas and Wheat
Physical Features of Bay Area
Physical Features of Plains Region
Physical Features of Gulf Region
Physical Features of Canyon Region
The Water Cycle
Water Game
E Word Game -- Where We Live
E Word Game -- Places Near and Far

E Word Game -- Ways of Living

Habitat Song
Landscape Words

Sea Words


Urban, Rural, Suburban
Geography Places
English Quest Geography
Mountains Movie
Tundra Movie
Where We Live
Edheads Weather
Geography Test
Continents Of The World


The United States and Canada
United States Geography
Learn The States
Drag the States Game
U.S. Capitals Game
Practice State Capitals (Level One)
Practice State Capitals (Level Two)
Label Map Game
Clue Map Game
Learn Lakes in the U.S.
Lakes Game
Learn Rivers in the U.S.
Rivers Game
Many Quizzes
The USA Game
United States Geography Game
U.S. Map Game
U.S. Map Quiz
More U.S. Map Exercises
U.S. Map Test
U.S. States Game
Scribble States Map Game
Great Lakes Quiz
Washington, D.C.
Landforms in the U.S.
Exploring Washington, D.C.
North America Puzzle Map
Geography Songs
U.S. Geography Videos
Connect the States
More Washington, D.C.
Even More on Washington, D.C.
Los Angeles
New York
Grand Canyon
More Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon Crowding
Grand Canyon Movie (Click on "CC")
Talking About Hawaii
Talking About Hawaii Quiz
Talking About Hawaii with Pictures
Mojave Desert
Yellowstone National Park
Wolves of Yellowstone Park
More Wolves of Yellowstone
Yellowstone Hot Spots
Yellowstone Geyser
Yosemite National Park
America's Natural Wonders
U.S. Cities
Golden Gate Bridge
More Golden Gate Bridge
United States Map
Wonders of the United States
Travel Across the United States Game
Chesapeake Bay
Population Density of the United States
Visiting New York
Talking About New York
Sound Guide To Cities
Las Vegas, Boston, San Francisco
Talking About Miami
New York Underground (first click "audio" and then click "text"
Hurricane Katrina (Click on "hear story")
Coyote and the Money Tree
Mr. Bunny's Carrot Soup -- An American Folktale
The Little Rooster -- An American Folktale
Paul Bunyan Folktale
Gullah Tales
Yosemite Native American Story
More About Yosemite Story
Vocabulary Help For Yosemite Story
Native American Story
Learn Canadian Provinces
Canadian Provinces Game
Drag and Drop Canadian Provinces Game
Many Canadian Map Games
Talking About Canada
The Northern Edge -- Info On Canada
Vancouver, Canada
Toronto, Canada
Montreal, Canada
Inuit Story of Creation
A Journey Into Time Immemorial
Zoom Canada
Montreal Game
Follow the States Game
Conquer the States Game
U.S. Geography Game
Geography Quizzes
U.S. State Capitals Game
California Communities and Geography
California Photo Tour
Fact Monster -- The Fifty States
State Facts
More State Facts
Explore the States
The 50 States
The States
Info Please -- 50 States
U.S. States
Maps For Kids -- State Information
Net State
America's Favorite Architecture
Paint The Map
Farms in the United States
Land Use in the United States
Population of the United States
San Francisco Tour
America's Favorite Architecture
Open Road TV
U.S. National Park Photos
Places Of A Lifetime
50 States Game
Grand Canyon
Inside Grand Central
Las Vegas
Talking Tall Tales

Latin America
Mexico and Central American Geography
South American Puzzle Map
Another Puzzle Map Game
Label Map Game
Another Label Map Game
Learn Latin American Countries
Latin American Map Game
Drag Latin American Countries Game
Many Latin American Geography Games
Learn Caribbean Countries
Caribbean Countries Game
Many Caribbean Geography Games
Learn Mexican States
Many Mexican Geography Games
Galapagos Islands Video
The Rainforest
The Ancient Maya
Amazon Rainforest
More Amazon Rainforest
Coral Reefs in Belize Video
Panama Jungle Video
Wildlife in Argentina Video
Fresh Water in Brazil Video
Crime in Brazil Video
Honduras Video
Protecting the Environment in Uruguay

Cooking with the Sun in Costa Rica
Costa Rica Video
Democracy in Brazil Video
Haiti Video
Columbia Video
Nicaragua Video
Quito, Ecuador
Food in Ecuador
Rainforest Song
The Barking Mouse -- A Folktale From Cuba
Latin America Information
Carnival in Brazil
More on Rainforests
Even More on Rainforests
Amazon Interactive
Ways Of Knowing Trail
Jungle Journey
Disaster Watch
Zoom Brazil
Zoom Mexico
History of Mexico
Cost of Life Game
An Arial Vision of Latin America
Machu Picchu
Rainforest Lesson
Rainforest Quiz
Haiti: The Eroding Nation
Mexico Under Siege

Europe Puzzle Map
Western Europe Puzzle Map
Eastern Europe Puzzle Map
Learn Countries in Europe
Countries in Europe Game
Drag European Countries Game
Many European Geography Games
The Vatican
Irish Politics
Irish History
Irish History Quiz
Cork, Ireland
Cork, Ireland Quiz
Talking About Ireland
Talking About Ireland Quiz
More Talking About Ireland
Dublin, Ireland
Manchester, England
More Scotland
Government in the United Kingdom
More on the United Kingdom
Zoom United Kingdom
The Eiffel Tower
More Flags
Barnaby Bear in Paris
Paris, France
Talking About France
Talking About Italy
Food In Italy
Underwater Volcano near Italy
More on Pompeii
Little Dutch Boy
The Little Red Hen -- An English Folktale
Chicken Little -- An English Folktale
The Turnip -- A Russian Folktale
Greek Myths
Tales From Croatia
Myths from England
Birth of a King
A Clean Earth
Taking Care of the Earth
Recycling (Click on "CC")
Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace
Where To Next?
A Europe Of Tales
Tales Of Twentieth Century London
Footprint Calculator
Virtual Pilot Game
Venice, Italy
London Images

Africa Puzzle Map
Northern Africa Puzzle Map

Southern Africa Puzzle Map

Learn African Countries

African Countries Game

Drag African Countries Game

Many African Map Games

African Rainforest (click on "Complete")
Niger (Click on "Hear Story")
AIDS in Africa (Click on "Hear Story")
 Drought in Mozambique Video
Sleeping Sickness in Ethiopa Video

Coral Reefs in Mauritius Video
Saving Parakeets in Mauritius Video
Fighting Land Erosion in Lesotho Video
Saving the Jungle in Congo Video
Fishing in Uganda Video
Elections in Burundi Video
Malawi Video
Ethiopia Video
Tourism in Senegal Video
Solar Power in Swaziland Video
Food Crisis in Southern Africa Video
Darfur Video
Namibia Video
South Africa Video
African Rainforest (click on "Complete")
More Endangered Species
African Water Shortage (Click on "Hear Story")
Malawi Game
Saving Africa Calculator
The Ways of Knowing Trail
Explore Africa and Asia
Darfur is Dying Game
Brainteaser Africa
Zoom Africa
Cowforce Animations
The Three Tests -- An African Folktale
The Blacksmith 
African Story of Creation
Rwanda Game
Curse Of The Black Gold
Africa's AIDS Crisis
Africa's Nomad Warriors
Interactive Africa Map
Congo Tragedy

Asia Puzzle Map
Middle East Puzzle Map
Northern Asia Puzzle Map
Southern Asia Puzzle Map
Learn Asian Countries Game
Asian Countries Game
Drag Asian Countries Game
Many Asian Map Games
Learn Countries in the Middle East
Countries in the Middle East Game
Drag Middle East Countries Game
Many Middle East Geography Games
Middle East Map Game
The Middle East
Valley of the Kings
Ancient Egypt
Hong Kong (click on the date; then go to "Watch" and click on "Real")
Pandas In China
Baby Pandas
Many Stories About China
Protecting the Environment in China Video
Chinese New Year
Marco Polo's Journey
Asian Tsunami (click on "Hear Story")
Pakistan Earthquake (click on "Hear Story")
Afghanistan (Click on "Hear Story")
Eid al-fitr
More Chinese New Year
Talking About India
More Talking About India
Tourism in Timor Video
River in Thailand Video
Protecting the Environment in Indonesia
Jordan Converts Waste To Energy Video

Azerbaijan Video

Caspian Sea Video

Yemen Video

Philippines Loan Program Video

Afghanistan Video

Georgia Video

East Timor Video

Mongolia Video

Japanese Food
Tokyo, Japan
Talking About Japan
Japanese Festival Video
The Ainu of Japan
Talking About Thailand

More Talking About Japan
Talking About China
The Middle East
Indus Valley Adventure
Egyptian Story of Creation
Yong's China Quest Game
Arabian Music Story
More on Israel
Taj Mahal
Hmong in China
Great Wall of China
All About China
Channel One China
Sound Map of China
Zoom China
Explore Africa and Asia
Languages of Southwestern Asia
Products of Southwestern Asia
Nile Journey
Egyptian Panoramas
Zoom Japan
Asian Games
The Four Friends -- A Folktale from Bhutan
Chinese Fables
Chinese Story of Creation
Stories From India
Folktale From India
Rani the Elephant
"Arabian Nights"
Folktale From Turkey
Japanese Folktale
Kids Web Japan
Time For Kids Japan
Where is Japan?
Gan Tan Japanese New Year Game (use Walkthrough)
Petra Panoramas
India Animal Tour
Laos Slideshow
Scenes From India
India Photos
Sikhs In India
Scenes From Indonesia

The Pacific Region
Pacific Puzzle Map
Learn Oceania Countries
Oceania Countries Game
Many Oceania Geography Games
Kangaroo Video
More Kangaroos
Many Stories From Australia (Click on "Text" and either "Audio" or "Video")
Fiji Video
Another Fiji Video
Solomon Islands Video
Another Solomon Islands Video
More Solomon Islands
Talking About Australia
More Talking About Australia
Even More Talking About Australia
Growing Up In Australia
Animals in Australia
Cities in Australia

Food in Australia
More Australian Cities
Sydney, Australia
Even More Australian Cities

Queensland, Australia

Barnaby Bear in Australia
Home, Sweet, Home

Food In New Zealand
Food In New Zealand Quiz
Wellington, New Zealand
Wellington Quiz
Travel In New Zealand
Travel in New Zealand Quiz

Aukland, New Zealand

Rugby in New Zealand

Kiwis in New Zealand
Folktales From Australia (click on "Aboriginal Stories")
Dust Echoes
Maori Story of Creation
Zoom Australia
Passport Australia
National Geographic Australia



Sites That Cover Many Periods
Americans at War (click on a war; then begin movie and
click "transcript")
Growth of a Nation
United States History Words

More History Words
Audio Glossary

Many History Word Games

Millenium Moments (Pick a show, then click on "Listen Now" and then click on "Transcript")
 Songs For Our Times
Social Studies Tutor
An Overview of American History

American Clothes Through the Centuries

Today In History
Teaching History Movie
Profile America
Smithsonian Kids
Hmong/English U.S. History Words (also includes other languages)
Biographies of Famous Americans
U.S. Presidents
Jump Back in Time
U.S. Mint Time Machine
U.S. Presidents Quiz
U.S. Constitution Quiz
U.S. History Timeline Game
U.S. History Videos 
Pictures From the Last One Hundred Years
More Picture Collections
Early Pictures of Sacramento
History Central
Interactive Maps
The American Journey
Crossword Puzzles (click on "Interactive Tutor")
Awesome Stories (See Mr. Ferlazzo for password)
Famous Americans & Quizzes
Historical People Game
History Games
Secrets About the Presidents
History Scene Investigators
United States History Timeline
The Big Picture Game
Constitutional Timeline
U.S. History Quizzes
Transportation History Movie
A Biography of America
Making a New Nation
Timeline Games
Mr. Nussbaum
Meet the Presidents
Women Who Changed History
America On The Move
America On The Move Games
The Presidents
Famous Americans
Great Speeches
American History Pages
U.S. History 1
U.S. History 2
Awesome Stories
United States History Map
Digital Vaults
Telling America's Story Videos
Telling America's Story Photo Galleries
Brainpop (Get password from Mr. Ferlazzo)
Brainpop Jr. (Get password from Mr. Ferlazzo)
The Making Of A Nation
Biography Of America Interactives
Digging For Answers
Turning Points
The Measure Of A President
Image Detective
Best News Photographs
The Wealthiest Americans Ever
Living Longer In America
Pictorial Americana
Voice Of America Special English
LIFE Photos
History Videos
U.S. History Images
American History Units
Evolution Of The American Household
Greatest Americans

The Early Settlers of America
Early Native Americans
Europeans Arrive

First European Settlers

American Indians
What Did Native Americans Do First? 
Columbus Day
Easy Quiz on Columbus

Hard Quiz on Columbus

Columbus Game

Christopher Columbus (click on "Columbus" and then "Learn")
More Christopher Columbus
Journey of Christopher Columbus (Click on "Journeys" and then "Columbus)
Voyage to the New World
Pilgrim Village
Native Americans (go to "Grade 4" and then to "Social Studies")
The First Thanksgiving 
First Thanksgiving
Kennewick Man
America's Lost Colony 
Jamestown Adventure
St. Augustine 
Pocahontas (Click on "More" and then "Pocahontas")
Journey of Pocahontas (Click on "Journeys" and then "Pocahontas")
Seven Years War
Cliff Dwellers
E Word Game -- Everything Changes
Pilgrim's Journey
Slavery in New York
California Missions
The United States in 1500

Early Explorers of North America
Early Colonies
Early Native Americans
The Buccaneers of America
Original Thirteen Colonies
Missions of California
Early Mission Photographs
Learn About Native Americans
Native Americans
Jamestown Game
Salem Witch Hunt Movie
Native People of North America
Thirteen Colonies
Explore Capitalism
Whose Lunch Is It Anyway?
Jamestown Story
Midnight Messenger Game
Early American History
Columbus Videos
Columbus Day Lesson
European Explorers of the Americas
Jamestown Settlement

Building a New Country
Ben Franklin Story Part One
Ben Franklin Story Part Two

Ben Franklin Again
Ben Franklin
More Ben Franklin

Even More Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin's Experiments

Ben Franklin's Private Life

Ben Franklin

Thomas Jefferson
More Thomas Jefferson
Declaration of Independence
Declaration of Independence Again
George Washington
More on George Washington
Mt. Vernon
More Thomas Jefferson
Even More Thomas Jefferson
Jefferson's Home (click on "Tours")
Fourth of July
America's Capitol
E-Word Game
More E-Word Games
Bill of Rights
Even More Bill of Rights
Words in the Constitution (in English and Spanish)
The White House
Democratic Values
Revolutionary War Battles
Early American Tools
Yankee Doodle Song
Thomas Paine
John Adams Letters
Short Film on the Founding of the U.S.
Ben Franklin Timeline
Bill of Rights
Ben's Guide to Government
Washington, D.C.
Sign the Consitution
Early America Movies
Early America Reading and Quizzes
The American Revolution PowerPoint
Revolutionary War Quiz
Revolutionary War Information
Bill of Rights Movie
U.S. Constitution Quizzes
Declaration of Independence Painting
The Struggle for North America
Explore the Boston Tea Party
The USS Constitution
Early America
The American Revolution
Early American Timeline
Mount Vernon Tour

The United States Grows
Fire on the Capitol
National Anthem
Lewis and Clark's Expedition
More Lewis and Clark
Even More Lewis and Clark
Marine Corps  
Washington, D.C.
Star Spangled Banner
More Star Spangled Banner 
Chief Tecumseh Speech
Election of 1828 -- Andrew Jackson (click on "MP3")
Andrew Jackson -- Part One
Andrew Jackson -- Part Two

Andrew Jackson -- Part Three

Andrew Jackson -- Part Four

Andrew Jackson -- Part Five

Andrew Jackson -- Part Six

Andrew Jackson -- Part Seven
Westward Expansion
Pirates Movie
Lewis and Clark

The Trail of Tears

Lewis and Clark Video

Davy Crockett

More Davy Crockett
A New Nation
Steam Engine
A New Country
War of 1812
Historical Maps
Lewis and Clark Adventure Game
Trail of Tears
Andrew Jackson Timeline
The Lousiana Purchase
Children During The Industrial Revolution

The Nation Grows and Divides
The Pony Express
More Pony Express
Texas Independence
The Story of the Alamo

More Andrew Jackson
President Martin Van Buren
Martin Van Buren -- Part Two
Slavery Debate
Selling Slaves
Slave Conditions
The Spread of Slavery
Slave Narratives

John Brown
Slave Stories
(Click on "Transcript")
President Harrison
President Tyler
President Tyler -- Part Two
President Polk
Westward Expansion
War Against Mexico
General Zachary Taylor
President Zachary Taylor
Slavery Compromise
Slavery Compromise -- Part Two
Slavery Compromise -- Part Three
Slavery Compromise -- Part Four
Election of 1852
Early African-American History
President Lincoln
Easy Quiz on Lincoln
Hard Quiz on Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln
More Abraham Lincoln
The Path Of A President
The First Civil War Battles
Two Years Into the Civil War
Battle of Chancellorsville
More on Gettysburg
Gettysburg Address (click on "Listen to Speech")
Gettysburg Address Again 
Battle of Vicksburg
Nearing Richmond

Sherman's March Towards the Sea

Victory Is Close

Civil War Song -- When Johnny Comes Marching Home

The Civil War Ends
Death of Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln's Decisions
Searching for Who Killed Lincoln
Make a Movie About the Civil War
The Story of The Monitor
Biography of Harriet Tubman
Harriet Tubman Movie
Harriet Tubman Easy Quiz
Harriet Tubman Hard Quiz
Susan B. Anthony
Frederick Douglass Speech
The Underground Railroad
More on the Underground Railroad
Underground Railroad: Escape From Slavery
Battle Cry of Freedom
Slave Song
Follow the Drinking Gourd Song
John Brown's Body Song
The Civil War -- Exercise One
The Civil War -- Exercise Two
The Civil War -- Exercise Three

Pictures From The Civil War
Frederick Douglass
Harriet Tubman
California Gold Rush
California Gold Rush 
Gold Rush
Civil War Activities
More California Gold Rush
People of the Civil War
Movie on Abraham Lincoln
Abe Lincoln Timeline
New Century Readings & Quizzes
The Civil War
Civil War Information
Civil War Movie
Civil War Summary
Causes of Civil War Movie
Underground Railroad Movie
The Nation Expands
Explore the Mexican American War
Inside Fort Sumter
First Battle of Bull Run
Harriet Tubman
Civil War Movie
Civil War Movie Test
The Civil War
Trail To Freedom
Western Pioneers
Clara Barton
Wagon Train Supplies

After The Civil War
The South Rebuilds
Grant Elected President
President Grant
More President Grant
Election of 1876
President Rutherford Hayes
The West
Native Americans Go To War
Native Americans Fight Over Land Rights
How The West Was Settled
Thomas Edison Story
More on Thomas Edison
Thomas Edison (may load slowly)
Chief Joseph (go to "Grade 4" and then to "Social Studies")
Chief Joseph Part One
More Chief Joseph
Telegraph & Radio
Mark Twain
The Pullman Strike
Alaska Sold to the United States
John Henry "Tall Tale"
Meet the Navajo
Early Baseball

Thomas Edison's Films
Thomas Edison
Thomas Edison -- The Invention Process
More Thomas Edison
Tom Edison
Even More Thomas Edison
Build A Sod House
Explore an Early American Classroom
The Transcontinental Railroad
Transcontinental Railroad Map
Photos From the American West
America Changes After The Civil War
More On The Movement West

The United States Becomes A Modern Nation
Immigration History
New York Immigrants
More Immigrants
George Washington Carver

More George Washington Carver
Even More George Washington Carver
George Washington Carver Easy Quiz
George Washington Carver Hard Quiz
Statue of Liberty
St. Patrick's Day (click on "Complete")
Labor Unions
President Garfield
President Arthur
President Grover Cleveland
Election of 1888
Grover Cleveland Again

Railroad Strike

Election of 1896

Industrial Growth

Spanish-American War
President McKinley
President Teddy Roosevelt
More Teddy Roosevelt
Roosevelt Reforms
Panama Canal
Even More Roosevelt
President Taft
San Francisco Earthquake
More President Taft

History of Radio
More on the Wright Brothers
Wright Brothers Movie
Wright Brothers
First Flights
Dorothy West
Margaret Sanger
Five Labor Leaders
Alaska Gold Rush Story: "To Build a Fire"
President Garfield
Charlie Chaplin (may load slowly)
The Preacher and the Slave Song
American Immigration
Jane Addams
W.E.B. Du Bois
Andrew Carnegie
Ellis Island Tour
Early Ellis Island Photographs
Ellis Island Video
Wright Brothers Video
Transportation Movie
Booker T. Washington
Teddy Roosevelt
The 20th Century
Encyclopedia of Women
Great Women
Women's History Project
Women Who Changed History
Wright Brothers
How Loggers Lived One Hundred Years Ago
The Spanish American War and World War I
Immigration Interactive
Immigration Explorer

Problems At Home And Across The Sea
Wilson Elected
More President Wilson
Even More President Wilson

Wilson's Foreign Policy 
Wilson Re-Elected
The U.S. Enters World War I
World War I 
World War I Ends
Peace Treaty
More on the Ending of World War I
America Turns Inward
League of Nations
Fear of Communism After World War I
Roaring Twenties

Arts and the 1920's
Presidents Harding and Coolidge
After World War I
Empire State Building
The Great Depression
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Eleanor Roosevelt
More on Franklin Roosevelt
World War Two Begins
Declaration of War
Pearl Harbor
Tuskegee Airmen
Franklin Roosevelt Pearl Harbor Speech
Japanese and World War II
Victory in Europe

World War Two Ends
Harry Truman
General Douglas MacArthur
Atomic Bomb
Babe Ruth
 Anne Frank
Amelia Earhart
The Diary of Amelia Earhart
Birth of Jazz
More Amelia Earhart
Charles Lindbergh
"This Land is My Land" Song
Winston Churchill
Helen Keller (may load slowly)
The American Dream
Brother, Can You Spare a Dime Song
Adolf Hitler Video
Pearl Harbor Video
Japanese Internment Stories
Japanese Internment (click on "read" and "listen")
Japanese Internment Camps
Japanese Americans -- The War at Home
More on Japanese Internment Camps
More on Japanese Internment
Internment History
Japanese Internment Camp Video
Japanese Internment
Japanese Internment Photos
California At War
Exploring Japanese Internment
Helen Keller
More Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor
Make a Movie About the Titanic
World War I Slideshow
World War I Information
More Helen Keller
Women's Suffrage Movie
Panama Canal
World War I Movie
Online Tour of Submarine
Another Sub Virtual Tour
Presidential Timeline
The Roaring Twenties
The Great Depression Slideshow
America By Air
World War II Remembered
Albert Einstein
The Early Twentieth Century
World War II
World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C.
Warfare 1917
World War II Causes

Our Changing Nation
Korean War
Korean War
Biography of Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" Speech
Find the Mistakes in "I Have a Dream"
More on Martin Luther King (click on "Complete")
The Last Speech of Martin Luther King
"I Have a Dream"
We Shall Overcome
We Shall Overcome Song
Coretta Scott King
Fannie Lou Hamer
Ruby Bridges
Rosa Parks
Civil Rights Songs
John F. Kennedy Inaugural Address
More on President Kennedy
Dolores Huerta
Exploring Space (go to "5th Grade" and then to "Social Studies")
Who's Who in Space
Jackie Robinson
The Cold War
Cuban Missle Crisis
Watergate (go past the story on Roosevelt)
Cesar Chavez Story
Grape Boycott
National Highway System 
1965 Immigration Law 
President Lyndon Johnson
Eugene McCarthy & The Vietnam War
Civil Rights Movement
The 1950's

Election of 1952

Korean War

The 1960's

President Nixon

Richard Nixon Resigns

Richard Nixon Video
President Ronald Reagan
Muhammad Ali (may load slowly)
Cesar Chavez
Martin Luther King
Rachel Carson
Readings & Quizzes
Martin Luther King
More Martin Luther King
King Timeline
Civil Rights Movement
Brown vs. Board of Education Movie
Experience the Cold War
1960's Folk Music Movie
Transportation Movie
President Jimmy Carter
John F. Kennedy
Kennedy Assassinated
Got Ramps?
The Cold War
John F. Kennedy Photo Gallery
After World War II
Civil Rights Movement
NASA's Fifty Years In Space
The Cold War
Civil Rights

Challenges In Today's World
The 1990's
The United States Invades Iraq
More on the Iraq War

Bush on Iraq

President Bush and the World
The Internet
More on the Internet
Internet Again
Future of the Internet
Low-Cost Computers for Poor
Muslims and the United States
More Immigration
Recycling Story
Bottles That Pollute (Click on "Complete")
Climate Change (Click on "Hear Story")
What Happens to Our Garbage?
Even More Climate Change
Climate Change Again
Climate Change to Bring Drought
Helping Africa
Bird Flu
More Bird Flu
High Oil Prices
Rising Oil Prices
Law Protects Disabled People
Gun Laws
Cell Phones
Polluting Cars
Alaskan Oil Spill
California Toxic Spill
Exxon Valdez
Forces Changing the World
Iran and a Nuclear Bomb
World Poverty
More on 9/11
Even More on 9/11
Columbia Space Shuttle
Next on the Internet
Recycling (click on "Recycling")
Even More Climate Change (click on "Part 1")
Climate Change Again (click on "hear story")
Iraq (Click on "Hear Story")
A Clean Earth
Taking Care of the Earth
Recycling (Click on "CC")
The United Nations
Free Trade Agreements
Presidential Election of 2000
Osama Bin Laden
Terrorism Movie
International Space Station Movie
Global Warming Movie
Even More on Global Warming
What Causes Global Warming
Breathing Earth
Movie on the Internet
Inside 9/11
Columbine Massacre
Planet Green Game
Climate Warming -- Arctic
Climate Warming -- Sierra Mountains
The Fight For Iraq
Water Calculator
Presidential Jukebox
Guantanamo Bay


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