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(All Links Verified On This Page February, 2010)
This page has a variety of science related links appropriate for English Language Learners.  All of them have both audio and text.
However, most are just listed randomly for now, and have not yet been categorized.
None of these activities have been made by Mr. Ferlazzo.
    All these links will take you to websites created by companies,
   public institutions, or other teachers. Look around their sites when you go to the links.

If you have problems sounding out words or sentences in links that do not have audio,
 then "copy" and "paste" those words or sentences into one of these sites that will 
 "speak" the words to you:
  Speaks for Itself
Voz Me
You can also use these websites to translate words or passages into your native language: Babel Fish Oddcast, World Lingo, Google, MSN Translator or  Traddus, Lingro
With ESL Reader you can copy and paste any text, and easily look up words you don't understand using a bilingual dictionary -- just by clicking on the word!

Science Words and Concepts in Hmong, English, & Other Languages (Click on a book; then click on a
chapter; then click on "Translated Concept Summaries")

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