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ELD Class Blog 2011-2012

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Most links on this page have both audio and text.

                                                      None of these activities have been made by Mr. Ferlazzo.
                                                  All these links will take you to websites created by companies,
 public institutions, or other teachers. Look around their sites when you go to the links.


Alphabet [ABC's]
Audio Conversation
Other Mixed Activities
Phonics [Letter Sounds]

Sight Words
Telling Time




Alphabet [ABC's]

ABC Order
Alphabet Action
More ABC's
Talking ABC's
Alphabet Song
The Alphabet
ABC Adventure
Listen and Say Letters
Alphabet Song
Practice Letter Names
Put the Alphabet in Order
Upper and Lower Case Letters
More Upper & Lower Case
Paw Park
Alphabet Shooting -- Part 1
Alphabet Shooting -- Part 2
Robot Alphabet
Undersea ABC Game
Many Alphabet Games
ABCD Watermelon
ABC Book
Alphabet Game

Audio Conversations

Talking Pages
How Old are you?
Talking in English
Listening Quiz
Listening Lab
Speaking English
IOLA Listening
Letter to a Friend
Joining the Navy
Traffic Accident
A Trip
Giving Directions
At a Barbershop
At a Bus Depot
At a Cafeteria
At a Drugstore
At a Hotel
At a Restaurant
Advertising Advice Columns
At a Museum
At the Movies
At the Post Office
At the Station
Beauty Contest
Buying a Car
More Listening
Oral English Learn English
Listening Activities

Many Conversations

More Listening Activities
Write and Listen

Where Are We?
Did He Say Gate 17?


Listen and Write

More Listening and Writing

Many Speaking and Listening Exercises
Making New Friendships

Looking For a Job

Going on a Date

Work Conversations
Scrambled Sentence

Regular English
Interview English

Useful Phrases


More Listening Lab
Survival Guide

Listening Games
Following Oral Directions
Listen to Directions

Applying For a Job

Arranging for a Job Interview

Job Interview

How to Say a Word


Many Conversations

More Conversations

Listening Quiz
Audio Exercises

Learn and Listen

Listen and Answer
Dictation Quiz

Movie Listening Exercises

Listening Quizzes

Everyday English Beginner

Everyday English Elementary

Everyday English Pre-Intermediate

Everyday English Intermediate
Many More Conversations
Short Conversations
More Short Conversations
Listening Exercises
Listening to Movies
Listening and Dictation Practice
Net Grammar (Click on "Listening")
Better At English

Geography (Also see Mr. Ferlazzo's "Geography Page")

World Geography
United States Geography

United States Geography Game
Many Quizzes

Geography Words

Fishing For Words


Where Do You Live?

Geography Words

Land and Water

How to Read a Map

The USA Game


Looking at Earth

Building Dams


Great Lakes Quiz

Continents and Oceans (Choose California; then Interactive Maps)

Around Town (Choose California; then Interactive Maps)
Compass Rose (Choose California; then Interactive Maps)
Map of Washington, D.C. (Choose California; then Interactive Maps)
Using a Map Grid (Choose California; then Interactive Maps)
Land in the United States (Choose California; then Interactive Maps)
Immigration to the United States (Choose California; then Interactive Maps)
Trading Bananas and Wheat (Choose California; then Interactive Maps)
Exploring Washington, D.C.
Giving Directions

More Directions

Even More Directions

Geographic Literacy

Mexico and Central America Geography

Neighborhood Places

Recyling Game

Weather Report


Geography Songs

Geography Videos

Eeko World

Connect the States



Valley of the Kings

Washington, D.C.

More on Washington, D.C.

Videos -- United Nations in Action (Economic Development)

Videos -- United Nations in Action (Environment)

Videos -- United Nations in Action (Health)

Videos -- United Nations in Action (Refugees)

Videos -- United Nations in Action (Peace and Security)

Videos -- United Nations in Action (Women)

Videos -- United Nations in Action (Youth)

Folk Tales

Greek Myths

Chinese Fables

Stories from India

World Creation Stories
African Folk Tale

Pandas in China
The Water Cycle

United States Map

More Grand Canyon


Yellowstone Park

Yosemite Park


Golden Gate Bridge

Water Game

Connect the World Game

Anderson Tales

Animal Universe

Ancient Egypt

I Spy in the City


The Earth's Surface
Where Would Be Good?

City Places

The Ancient Maya

Growth of a Nation
Living on Earth

Virtual Quarry (Remember that in England they call trucks "lorries.")
The Neighborhood
Tina's World
Arabian Nights
The Rupee Tree
Treasure Map
Chinese New Year
More Geography Words
Gullah Tales
Beyond the Fire (click on a teenager, then click on "Click to Visit")
Refugees (click on "Complete")
Rainforest Gardeners (click on "Complete")
Water (click on "Complete")
Native American Story - Yosemite
More about Native American Story
Vocabulary Help for Native American Story
Asian Tsunami (Click on "Hear Story")
Pakistan Earthquake (Click on "Hear Story")
Iraq (Click on "Hear Story")
Africa (Click on "Hear Story")
AIDS in Africa (Click on "Hear Story")
Afghanistan (Click on "Hear Story")
Hurricane Katrina (Click on "Hear Story")
One Small World Song
Wolves of Yellowstone
More Wolves of Yellowstone
Yellowstone Hot Spots
Yellowstone Geyser
Golden Gate Bridge  
I Am A Canadian
Earth Day
Pyramids in Paris?
Country, Language, and Nationality
Baby Pandas
New York  
Habitat Song  
Landscape Words
The Sea
American Culture
Talking About Canada  
Talking About Miami 
Talking About India
More Talking About India
Irish Politics
Climate Change (click on "Hear Story")
A Clean Earth 
Taking Care of the Earth
More China Travel
Country Game
Connect the World Game
Travel Across the United States
Around the World Movie
Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Boston Movies
Japanese Folktale
Maps and Globes
Recycling Story
Social Studies Skills
Grand Canyon Video
Make A Map
The Globe Unwrapped
What Happens to Our Garbage?
Story of Longitude
America's Natural Wonders
Explore the World
The Northern Edge -- Info On Canada


Grammar Gold
Preposition Exercise
Verb Tense Game
Singular and Plural
Grammarman Comics
Many Grammar Exercises
Clean-Up Your Grammar Game
Basic Grammar
Road To Grammar
Grammar Ninja
What Is A Sentence?
Say What Grammar

Hmong Health Literacy
Child Safety 

More Health Videos
More Medical Information
Visiting the Doctor

Human Body

Doctor Appointment

Men Don't Eat Vegetables

Videos about health



Nothing but the Tooth

Your Teeth

Taking Care of Your Teeth


Tooth Defender
The Senses

The Heart

The Human Skeleton

The Environment

More on the Environment

Mouth Power

Parts of the Body

Keeping Healthy

More Parts of the Body

More Feelings

Robby Goes to the Hospital
About Your Ears

Open Wide
Car Safety

Kids Health

Health Conversations
Making an Appointment

Dying to Be Thin (Watch it in "Quicktime")
Going to the Doctor
Healthy Eating

Calling 911

A Disease Caused by Sex


More Alzheimer's

Cell Phone Safety

Gun Locks

Health Insurance

Healthy Baby

Healthy Families

Home Fire

Keep Kids Safe

Organ Donations

Prevent Choking

Skin Cancer

Smoking Kills



Teen Drinking

Teen Suicide


Walking at Night

About Face
How is Stix Feeling?

Spot Dangers

Safety Game

Safety Book

Red Rover

With the Doctor

Fire Safety Song
Health Unit

Choo Choo Choices



Heart Attack






Breast Cancer

Cold Sores


More Diabetes

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis C

Skin Cancer

English For Health
Medical Words

Parts of the Body

Inside the Body

Dental Care
Eating Right

Driving Safely

Talking about Health



How to Stop Smoking

Marty Goes to the Dentist

Medicine Words

School Safety

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Parts of the Body

Tooth Family

Healthy Eating

Virtual Body (click on "Narrated")
Kids Health Galaxy
Health Report

Talking about a Cold

Patient Rights

Pollution and Heart Attacks
Fighting AIDS

Talking About Health

I'm Too Ill

Good Health Game

Medicine Game

Staying Well Game

Health Workers

Staying Healthy

A Healthy Life

Health Words -- Kindergarten
Health Words -- First Grade
Health Words -- Second Grade
Health Words -- Third Grade
Health Words -- Fourth Grade
Health Words -- Fifth Grade
Health Words -- Sixth Grade
Health Words -- Seventh Grade
Health Words -- Eighth Grade
Reading Food Ingredients
Eat Less Meat
Street Safety
Going to the Doctor
Learn to Be Healthy
Taking Medicine
Many Health Videos
Breast Self-Exam Information
First Aid
Keep in Your Food Safe
Many Health Videos
What a Friend Can Do For You
I Have a Toothache
I'm Too Ill
Tooth Care
Visit The Dentist With Marty
Healthy Eating
Washing Hands
Food Pyramid
Hmong/English Health Dictionary
Find Hazards in Your House
English For Health
Stop Bullying
AIDS Movie
Body Weight Movie
Sleep Movie
Steroids Movie
Body Systems
Virtual Hip Surgery
Virtual Knee Surgery
How The Body Works
Going to the Drugstore
Going to the Doctor
Going to the Hospital
Many Medical Conversations
More Medical Conversations
Losing a Tooth Movie
Losing a Tooth Easy Quiz
Losing a Tooth Hard Quiz
Health Conversations
Medicine Movie
Medicine Movie Easy Quiz
Medicine Movie Hard Quiz
Health Movies
Jill Needs Some Pills
Susan's Visit to the Doctor
Aches and Pains
Tooth Family Song
BootsLearning (click on "Pupils")
Environment Mysteries
Cold Aid
Health Word Spelling Bee
Time For Bed Game
Hospital Connection
Dyslexia Movie
Sara's Quest
Project Care
Vitality Compass
Your Teeth
Tox Mystery
Blue Kids
Bubble Trouble
First Aid Animations
Handwashing Challenge
"Try Drugs"
Whack A Bone
Symptom Checker
Lessons For Living Well
Disney's Healthy Kids
Fantastic Food Challenge
Health Animations & Slideshows
Home Safety




Music & Stories
More Music
More Songs
Even More Music
Simple Songs

Barney Songs
Many Songs

More Songs
Music Box

More Music Box

How Many Fruits
Supermarket Song

Hundreds of Songs

Song about Money
Electricity Song

Zoom Zoom Song

Constellation Song

Newer Songs

Colors of the World

Dottie and Buzz
Jingle Bells

PBS Music

Animal Songs
John Jacob

Auld Lang Syne

Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

We Shall Overcome

Sidewalk Song

Stay in the Yard Song

Crosswalk Song

Traffic Light Song

Walk Signal Song

Driveway Song

Christmas Song
The Baboon Song

Solar System Song

Travel Song

Pirates Song

Jobs Song
Fish Song

Record Breakers

Goldilocks Song

Jukebox (go to songs labeled "Sample")
Safari Song
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Easter Bunny Rap

Big World Music

Scientific Method Song
Popular Music
A Ram Sam Sam (Click on "Lyric")
If You're Happy and You Know It
English Fork Songs
Smile Song
More Songs

Yellow Lemon Tree

The Beatles

Hear Me Cry (won't work in Firefox)
I Sail the Sea
Modern Music Clozes
No Milk Today
Shaun The Sheep
When The Circus Comes to Town
Simple Songs
Noodles On My Back
SMS Tunes
This Is The Way
Learn English With The Beatles
Learn English by Songs
English Songs
English Child Songs

Reading Non-Fiction

The Learning Edge
The Human Body
Learning Edge
 Dr. Arbor Talks Trees
Let's Talk About Insects
Out On A Limb
The Secret Life of Trees
The Great Corn Adventure
A Walk in the Woods
Trees Are Terrific
Christopher Columbus
Forest Life
The Ancient Maya
The Weather
African American History
The Rainforest
Plants and Animals
Where Can You Find Plants and Animals?
Looking at the Sky
Observing Objects
Things That Move
Plants, Animals, and People
Living Things and Where They Live
Weather and the Sky
Describing Matter
Plants and Animals
Environments and Energy
Treasures from Earth
The Seasons
Polar Bears
Statue of Liberty
Coral Reefs
Roller Coasters
More Animals
More Stars
The Universe
Seeing in the Dark
Easy Science Stories and Experiments
More Easy Science Stories and Experiments
Even More Easy Science Stories and Experiments
The Solar System
The Universe
Space Stuff
Today in History
What Causes Day and Night?
The Sun
Healthy Eating
Stories About History
Jobs and Careers
Insect World Records
Pilgrim Village
An Apple Grows
School Safety
More About Pilgrims
Spotlight Radio
The Reading Room
Things We Wear
Life on Fire
Where Humans and Animals Live
BBC News Around
President Franklin Roosevelt
Thomas Jefferson
Christopher Columbus
George Washington
Abraham Lincoln
George Washington's Birthday
Democratic Values
Science and Social Studies
How to Be an Artist
Destination Modern Art
Smithsonian Institution
Living Things
More Thomas Jefferson
Fire on the Capitol
Go Speed Racer
Radio City
Square Dancing
Break Dancing
Making a Cartoon
Declaration of Independence
Famous Speeches
Mars Videos (watch it in Quicktime with captions)
Jobs in Television
Jobs in Hospitals
Jobs in Theater
Fannie Lou Hamer
Looking for a Job
Police Officers Needed
Workers Protest
Civil Service
Many Stories
Be a Space Engineer
Sound and Hearing
Artists and Colors
Famous Musicians
What Does a Baker and a Grocery Clerk Do?
Jobs Game
I Have a Dream Speech -- Find Mistakes
Tsunami -- Find Mistakes
Voice of America
Even More Voice of America (click on "Listen" and "Read")
Welcome to the Planets
W 4 Form
Artist's Biographies
The First Thanksgiving
New Year's Day
Johnny Appleseed
St. Patrick's Day (click on "Complete")
Martin Luther King (click on "Complete")
Turkey for Thanksgiving (click on "Complete")
Halloween (click on "Complete")
More Halloween (click on "Complete")
Living Things
Elephants (Click on "Hear Story") 
Ben Franklin -- Part 1 (Click on "With Captions")
Ben Franklin -- Part 2 (Click on "With Captions")
Under the Ocean
Becoming a Citizen
Design a Satellite 
Growing Plants
What is Jazz?
More on Ben Franklin
American and British English
The Word "Ain't"
Animal Families
Earth Supports Life
Snow Monkeys
Weather Watcher
More Bats
Babe Ruth
Jefferson's Home (click on "Tours")
Current News
Anne Frank
Many Stories
Into the Kelp Forest
Word For the Wise
Science Up Close -- Level One
Science Up Close -- Level Two
Science Up Close -- Level Three
Science Up Close -- Level Four
Science Up Close -- Level Five
Science Up Close -- Level Six
Pattern Detective
Picture Graphs
Zoo Matchmaker
Scientific Method Movie
Scientific Method Movie Easy Quiz
Scientific Method Movie Hard Quiz
Rava the Volcano
How Tulips Came to Canada
A Moment of Science
Literacy Net
Learning Resources
What is Energy?
Using Energy
No Energy
Save Energy
Energy Safety
Stress Comic Creator
English Express


Other Mixed Activities

Word Builder
Gus and Inky
Starship English
Making Words
Monkey Story
Tongue Twisters
Money Game
Happy and Sad Game
More Student Activities
Toon University
English Games
TPR Exercises
Make an Order
English Bites
The Flatmates
Tongue Twisters


Building Games
Animal Activities

English Interactive

Build a Future Building
Make Your Own Shoe


Science Activities

More Science Activities

Even More Science Activities

Harder Science Activities

Humans and Animals


What's in the Bag?
Dream On Game
Chore Galore Test
Spin and Spell

Learning Arcade
Various activities (click any of the Koren characters on the left)
Learning League
English Bingo

Nash's Adventures


Many Games and Exercises
Brain Child (click on "Study Buddy" and then click on "Demo")
Interactive Lessons
Photo Munchrs
Redesign Playground
Alphabet Soup
Enjoy English Free
In2English Games
English Portal Games
E-Learning For Kids
Sesame Street Games


Clifford Games
Game Goo
Clifford's Letter Round-up
Short Vowels
Long Vowels
More Long Vowels
Even More Long Vowels
Name the Picture
More Words
Even More Words
Phonic Games
Clifford's Sound Match
Word Blender
Magic Words
Cat Phonics
Parrot Phonics
Scrambled Words
Letter Sentences
Phonic Sounds
Phonics Games
Many Letter Sounds
Even More Letter Sounds
Phonics Practice
Various Games
Letter Sounds
More Words
Even More Words
M letter Phonics
Phonics Felt Board
Monkey Do Phonics
Grammar Gold
Great Phonics Site
Letter Sounds
Letter Sounds
Letter Sound Course
Minimal Pair Practice
Letter Sound Wordsearch
Word Mine
The Vowel Machine 

Picture Pick
Spelling Match Game
Oobi Letter Game
Sounding Out Words
Vowel Games (Click the Japanese blue word on the bottom right)
Picture Pick
Letter F
Letter F Story (click on orange tab on the lower left)
Consonant Blends
Consonant Blend Story (click on orange tab on the lower left)
Even More Letter Sounds
Letter Sound Game
More Phonics Games
Picture Match
More Letter Sounds
Even More Letter Sounds
Vowel Sound Essentials
Pronunciation Game
English Quest "ck"
Chicken Stacker
Phonics Training Ground


Flippy's Adventure (Cause and Effect)

I Can Read

More I Can Read

Even More I Can Read

Harder I Can Read

A Little Harder I Can Read

Harder I Can Read

I Spy

More I Spy

I Spy at the Inn

I Spy at the Toy Store

I Spy in the City

Reading Ring


Reading Strategies (type in "Larry00000" for the key)
Print and Pictures
Print and Pictures Practice

Reading Left to Right

Reading Left to Right Practice

Street Signs

Fiction or Non-Fiction

Word Chunks

More Word Chunks

What is a Question?
Practice Questions
More Practice Questions
What is a Character?
Find the Character
More on Setting
What is Sequencing?
More I Can Read
I Can Read Again
Parts of a Book
Choosing What to Read
Reading Lessons
Reading Non-Fiction
Story Elements -- Character
Story Elements -- Setting
Choosing a Book
I Can Read
Bingo (Click on "English")
What's the Big Idea?
More What's the Big Idea?
Even More What's the Big Idea?
The Ants
What's the Big Idea? 2a
What's the Big Idea? 2b
Cause and Effect
Make Predictions
Fact and Opinion
More Fact and Opinion
Context Clues
Can You See What I See?
Destination Reading
Super Why (go to Games)
Elements of A Story
Compound Words



Pick a Pair
Rhyme Bot
Rhyme Rodeo
More Poetry
Rhyme Time
Rhyme Practice
Orson's Farm
Nursery Rhymes
More Rhyme Time
Rhyming Words
Tales From Duckport
More Nursery Rhymes


Reading Game
Sentence Game
More Sentence Games
Make a Sentence
More Sentence Games
Make a Sentence
Word Order Exercises
What Is A Sentence?
Sound Guide

Sight Words

Most Common English Words
Dolch Words
Sight Word Quizzes
More Sight Words in Sentences
Practice Sight Words
More Sight Words
Sight Word Games
Hangman Using Sight Words
Sight Words With Samson
High Frequency Words
Dolch Sight Word Games
Word Count


Spelling Games Level One
Spelling Games Level Two
Look and Cover
Spelling Time
Spelling Exercises
Easy Spelling
Spin and Spell
Stellar Speller
Word Sort
Kids Spell
Spelling Bee
Spelling City
Spelling Match
Big IQ Bee
Visual Thesaurus Spelling Bee
Wild West English
Take On The Teacher


Woodlands School

Tumblebooks (click on Tumblebook Library)

Talking Books  (See Mr. Ferlazzo for password)
CBeebies Stories

More Stories
Book Pop

Clifford Stories

Mighty Book

Storyline Online

Kiz Club Stories


Little Fox 1

Little Fox 2

Little Fox 3

Little Fox 4

Little Fox 5

Little Fox 6


Reading Planet



Mrs. P

Songs and Stories
More Stories
Pig Stories
Stories Online
The Bear Cookbook
Red Ship Story
Red Ship Story 2
Meet the Aliens Story
Aliens Meet the Family Story
Babloo Stories
Fairy Tales
The Endless Story
Oh and Ah Story
Nursery Rhymes
Amelia Story
The Little Forest
More Fairy Tales
Meet the Aliens Story
Another Aliens Story
Paul Bunyan Stories The Big River
The Big River Grammar
Turtle Story
The Little Red Hen
What a Friend
Beatrice Bee
Sue Can't Sleep
Hey Diddle Diddle
In A Boat
World Creation Stories
Africa Story
Search for Mami
Big Jake
Speedy Delivery
Leaping Match
Eric the Engine Story
Easy Songs
Longer Stories
Short Stories
More Long Stories
School Story
The Cold Planet
Zoo Story
The Treasure Map
Family & Feelings Concentration

Rattletrap Car
When It Rains

Barnaby Bear
Christmas Stories

The Perfect Pet
Many Stories

Survival Guide
Fairy Tales

The Sculpture Garden
Stanley's Adventure

Non-Fiction Stories
Classic Stories
Toby the Dog

Rocket Story
Trim the Cat

They Are Best Friends
Many Stories (Go to "Tumble Books," then click on "Storybooks" or "Life Learning")
Nursery Rhymes
Goodnight Bird
Scrambled Stories
Brementown Musicians

The Frog King

The Seven Ravens

It's Christmas
Bananas For Lunch

Jif and Jape Stories

Bugs Bunny
Friday the 14th

Ms. Spider's Web

Goodnight, Bird
"We Read" Stories

Billy Goats Gruff

The Caboose
Jack and Mister Khear

Valiant Chris James

Mr. Rabbit


Captain Caitlyn


Nursery Rhymes

More Nursery Rhymes

Even More Nursery Rhymes

Funky Farm
What A Wonderful World


Sally Saves Christmas

The Christmas Bear
A Visit With Grandma

The Shoemaker and the Elves

Lazy Circles Poem
Language Arts

The Caboose
More Stories

Barnyard Chorus

Morris' Special Day


Short Stories

The Sleepy Farmer
English Proverbs
Wake Up Tater
Search for Mami
Scrambled Stories
The Little Street
Gumbie Cat
Tweenies Tales
It's Not Fair
Shrinking Tweenies
Sir Doodles
More Princess and the Pea
Three Little Pigs
The Toyshop
The School Bus
The House
The King
The Grumpy Giant
The Missing Pencil
The Butterfly
The Wishing Tree
Lucky Envelope
Cold Planet
What I Saw
British Council Stories
Little Red Riding Hood
The Twins
Teddy's Adventure
Eric the Engine
Firefighter Fran
Swimming is Fun
Count the Bananas
Pick a Pet
I Spy Shapes
Jack the Mouse
When Will Daddy Come Home?
My Brother the Robot
Number Circus
The Proud Peacock
The King's Gong
The Lion and the Mouse
The Greedy Dog
The Echo
The Rich Farmer
Monkey Business
I Will Not Take a Bath
Pam's Pad
Chris James
June the Prune
The Lucky Seed
Eric the Engine
Adam's Pattern
Rocket Story
Tara and Ben
Time Machine
Little Owl
Do Not Open
Pampered Pals
Starry Night
At the Lake
I Love You
What's That Noise?
The Return of a Private
New Fish
Archie's New Tooth
Christmas Time
The Monster
Circus Escape
Interactive Stories
Robin Whirlybird
The Elves and the Shoemaker
Puppy Dreams
Story Time
Many Stories
The Sleeping Farmer
Stone Soup
Bobo the Elephant
Little A
The Duck
Time Machine
Do Not Open
Pampered Pals
Goofy Grandma
What Do I See?
If Only I Were
Babies Learn How
Five Frogs
On My Way To School
Lights On
Billy Buzzard
Anderson Tales
More Stories
Reading Ring
Several Stories (Click on "Stories")
Even More Stories
More Stories
Several Stories (Click on "Guest's Entrance")
Folktales From Australia (click on "Aboriginal Stories")
Many Stories and Poems
Even More Stories
The Big Turnip
Joy and Her Animal Friends
Bob and Eye
Bob and Eye Part Two
Blue's Clues Stories
Cat and Fish
Kitten Kaboodle
Cat and Fish In Space
Monster Shopping Trip
Bill's Birthday Cake
The Big Wave
I Took A Walk
Are You My Mom?
Teddy's Adventure
"The Law of Life" by Jack London
Hedgie Loves to Read
Rumble Grumble
Dave the Brave
The Grumpy Bug
Looney Tunes Story
Building a Rocket
I Like to Dance
Hundreds of Stories
Several Hundred More Short Stories
Music Madness
Many Stories (Click "Page to Page" and not "Movie")
The Babysitter
Mozart the Mouse
Coyote and the Money Tree
Stories 1 (Click on "Page to Page" and not "Movie")
Stories 2
Stories 3
Stories 4
Stories 5
Stories 6
Stories 7
Stories 8
Stories 9
Stories 11
Stories 12
Stories 13
Stories 14 (even though the index is in Korean or Chinese, clicking on anything will bring you to an English story)
A Father and His Two Sons
Forty Stories
The Duck In The Toilet
Ali's Magic Carpet
Kids English Stories (click on "Scene," not "Movie")
Katrina The Caterpillar
Julia and The Big Wave
Little Critter's
Georgina The Giraffe
Bobby Is Big
Leading To Reading
English Stories
Even More English Stories
(Even More English Stories 2
Even More English Stories 3
Browser Books
Flash English 1
Flash English 2
Flash English 3
Flash English 4
Flash English 5
Flash English 6
Flash English 7
Flash English 8
Flash English 9
Flash English 10
Flash English 11
Flash English 12
Flash English 13
Flash English 14
Flash English 15
Flash English 16
Flash English 17
Flash English 18
Flash English 19
Flash English 20
Flash English 21
Flash English 22
Flash English 23
Flash English 24
Flash English 25
Flash English 26
Flash English 27
Flash English 28
Flash English 29
Flash English 30
Animal Orchestra
Fantasy Story
The Painting Game
Fairy Tale
Planet Earth
Ratty Robs A Bank
Spy Cat
Silly Books
Listen To A Story
Rebus Stories
Big Big World Stories
Better World
Tar Heel Reader
Lots Of Stories
Ziggity Zoom Stories
Flash English 21
Music Story
Mrs. P
Many Stories (Go to "Tumble Books," then click on "Storybooks" or "Life Learning")
English Stories
English Stories 2
English Stories 3
Many More English Stories (click on left column)
The Beach

Telling Time

Telling Time
Time Quiz
Song about Time
Time in a Bottle
Clock Talk
Talking About Time
Telling Time Quiz
What Time Is It?
I Spy Time Game
Parts of a Clock
Easy Quiz on Parts of a Clock
Hard Quiz on Parts of a Clock
Bang on Time
Stop the Clock
Round the Clock
Telling the Time
Time Game
What's The Time
Learning Time


More Videos
Even More Videos
Video English 1
English Video Lessons
Learning Activities
Wake-Up English
Video Dictation
Youth Speak
Video Nation
Workplace English
More One Minute English
Hurricane Katrina
Jobs and Career Videos
More Career Videos
Even More Career Videos
Work Videos
More Job Videos
Many Science Movies (Pick a Movie and then click on "CC")
Video Clips
Daily English Show
Read On Captioned Videos
ESL Video
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