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ARW stands for Academic Reading and Writing, which is the name given to classes at Luther Burbank High School that use an extraordinary reading program developed by Mr. Kelly Young and Pebble Creek Labs. Many other high schools throughout the United States use the same Pebble Creek program, though they may use a different class name.  Most of the links on this page support units taught in these classes, though this page has no official connection to Pebble Creek.  You can learn about this program at Pebble Creek Labs .
Ninth Grade English Blog
None of these activities have been made by Mr. Ferlazzo.
    All these links will take you to websites created by companies,
   public institutions, or other teachers.

                                                Latin Studies                  Jamaica                               Mandela                   
General Reading                  Mt. Everest                   Natural Disasters               New Orleans             Tupac Shakur                                    Las Vegas                      Romeo & Juliet (not ARW unit)


General Reading
Awesome Stories

Latin Studies
What It Means to Be Latino
Zoot Suit Riots
Diego Rivera
The Conquistadors
Cesar Chavez

Forgotten Americans

American Family
Matters of Race

The New Americans

Remember the Alamo
U.S. Mexican War
Gale Hispanic Heritage
Frida Kahlo
Hispanic Heritage 

 Latino Achievement
Hispanic Power
The Dream Act
Day of the Dead
Del Corazon
Celebrate Hispanic Heritage
Cinco de Mayo
Diego Rivera Museum
More On Cinco de Mayo
Day Of The Dead
Smithsonian Latino Center
Photo Gallery of Frida Kahlo
Mariachi 2008
Mariachi Festival
Diego Rivera MOMA

Mt. Everest
National Geographic
PBS Everest
Everest Games
Everest Facts
Mt. Everest View
Interactive Tour
Millionaire Everest Game
Climbing Gear
Everest Online
Interactive Everest
Mt. Everest
Mt. Everest Images
Mt. Everest Game
Everest: Beyond the Limit
Touch the Top
Everest News
Experience Everest
Everest 2007
Everest: Test Your Brain
Hidden Expedition: Everest
Seven Summits
Volcano Above the Clouds
Deadly Ascent
Edmund Hillary
Mount Everest Slideshow
Storm Over Everest
Climbing Kilimanjaro
Journey Up Everest
California's Highest Mountains
Panoramic Views From Mt. Everest
Return To Everest
Everest: Beyond The Limit

Life and Debt

Bob Marley

Jamaica Information

Jamaica Factbook

More on Bob Marley

More Jamaica Facts

Guide to Jamaica

Jamaican Stories
Jamaica Work

Be a Jamaican Farmer
Even More Bob Marley
Jamaican Phrases
Living & Loving
Profile: Bob Marley
Rastafari Webquest
What Is Rastafari?
Kingston Webquest
Bob Marley Photo Gallery
Biography Channel Report on Bob Marley
The Maroons of Jamaica
Bob Marley Slideshow


Tupac Shakur
Tupac Bio (Authorized)
Wikipedia on Tupac

Yahoo on Tupac


Natural Disasters

More Natural Disasters
National Geographic
Asia's Deadly Waves
How Tsunamis Work
Wave that Shook the World
More Volcanoes
Savage Planet
Savage Earth
Savage Seas
Fatal Flood
Even More Volcanoes
More Tsunamis
Nature's Wrath
Waves of Destruction
Natural Disaster Animations
Earthquakes and Volcanos
American Volcanoes
Volcano Under The City
Influenza 1918
Surviving the Dust Bowl

Can Animals Predict Disasters?

Inside a Tornado

South Asia Earthquake

American Disasters

Perfect Disaster


Sacramento Flooding

1906 San Francisco Earthquake

San Francisco Quake

The Great San Francisco Earthquake

The Great Quake

Even More Natural Disasters

Lessons from Disaster

San Francisco: Then and Now

Volcano Under the City 

Bird Flu

More Natural Disasters

Hurricane Katrina

San Francisco Earthquake and Fire

Not Seen, Not Heard

Nature's Fury 

Surviving Katrina
Smithsonian Volcanoes

The Great Earthquake of 1906

Wave That Shook The World 

What Are Natural Disasters?
Build a Volcano
Galveston Hurricane
Understanding Hurricanes
More Earthquakes
San Andreas Fault
Hurricanes Movie
Tornadoes Movie
Volcanoes Movie
Tsunami Movie
Natural Disasters Movie
Weather Wiz Natural Disasters
Earthquake 1906
The Terrible Power of Earthquakes
More Natural Disasters 
Giant Impact
The Great Plague of London
The Tornado Story
Stop Disasters Game
Disaster Watch Game
Animated Guide to Natural Disasters
Natural Hazards Gateway
Plates on the Move
Disaster Spot
Fact Monster Natural Disasters
Natural Disaster Activities
Volcano Maker
Anatomy of an Earthquake
Volcano Simulator
Killer Flu
Natural Disasters
Brainteaser -- Tornado 
Storm Pictures
The Perfect Storm
Eye on the Storm
Volcano Explorer
Rate Tornado Damage
Once and Future Tsunamis
The Asteroid That Hit L.A.
The Galveston Storm
Engineering For Earthquakes
Hurricane Name Game
Volcano Map
Natural Disaster Risks
Super Volcano
Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne
Emergency Disasters Data Base
Decade Volcanoes
Southern California Fire Storm
How Hurricanes Work
Volcano Observatory
Tornado Damage
Wild Fire Simulator
Plates on the Move
Night Fire Control
A Hurricane's Eye
All About Earthquakes
Hurricane Noel Slideshow
Natural Disasters - The Guardian
Build A Volcano
Weather Wiz
Volcano Culture
Burma's Cyclone
Burma Photos
More On The Burma Cyclone
2008 Burma Cyclone
2008 China Earthquake
Earthquake In China
Kid Storm
Nature Unleashed
Extreme Weather
The Greatest Earthquake
Disaster Preparation Quiz
Chinese Earthquake Slideshow
Volcanos In Our Times
Megadisasters -- California Katrina
Hurricane Tracker
India's State of Emergency
Hurricans Gustav
How Tornadoes Form
Asia's Tsunami
Texas Coast Damage
Deadly Tornado
Birth of a Tornado
Quake Quiz
Hurricanes & Cyclones
China Earthquake Slideshow
China's Earthquake: Six Months Later
Earthquakes: Why They Happen
California Quakes
Worst Natural Disasters In U.S. History
Southern California Wildfires
California Fires
A History Of The Flu
Venice Floods


Washington State Flood Waters
Key Elements Of A Hurricane
Tornadoes -- How They Form
The Landscape Of Natural Disasters
Australia Fires
Earthquake Interactive
California Drought
Hurricane Ike Photos

The Good Side of Disasters
Create An Avalanche

Nelson Mandela
The Long Walk of Nelson Mandela
South Africa
The Mandela Page
Robben Island
Nelson Mandela Foundation 
More South Africa
My House, My Shack 
Mandela: An Audio History
Nelson Mandela
Audio Slideshow
Nelson Mandela: Modern Hero
Mandela's Eight Lessons Of Leadership
Mandela Celebrates His 90th Birthday
Biography Channel on Mandela
Mandela Comic Book
Mandela's Children (Be sure to click on "Show More Images" at bottom)
Milestones In South Africa's Journey  
South African Elections
Voters In South Africa Head To The Polls
South Africa's Parliamentary Election
Keen To Learn

New Orleans
French Quarter
Haunted New Orleans
Mardis Gras
New Orleans Information
New Orleans Online
History of Jazz
Katrina and New Orleans
More Katrina and New Orleans

After Katrina in New Orleans 

Greetings from New Orleans
After Katrina

Katrina Flood Graphic

Life After Katrina

Katrina Update

New Orleans: Hurricane Aftermath

"When The Levees Broke"

New Orleans Kid Camera Project

Katrina Anniversary
The Storm

Starting Over
Jeepers Creepers
New Orleans
Yearbook 2006
Rebuilding New Orleans
New Orleans' Rebuilt Levees

PBS New Orleans
National Geographic New Orleans

Hurricane Katrina Two Years Later 
Life Since Katrina
The Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
Hurricane Archive
Hurricane Katrina
New Orleans Slideshows
The French Quarter
"The Hurricane Messed A Lot Of Us Up"
In Katrina's Wake
The Lower 9th Ward
Katrina: An Unnatural Disaster
New Orleans Slideshow
New Orleans & Louisiana
New Orleans' Images
A.D. New Orleans After The Deluge
Marshland Loss
Tempest In Crescent City
Katrina Remembered
Katrina Clean-up
New Orleans Map
Fat Tuesday In New Orleans
Losing Louisiana
A Brief History of Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras Photos
New Orleans Internet Scavenger Hunt
Katrina: After The Storm

Las Vegas
History of Las Vegas


Romeo &  Juliet
No Fear Shakespeare: Romeo &  Juliet
William Shakespeare's Life
Shakespeare Activities
Romeo & Juliet Quiz
Shakespeare Brainpop Movie
Romeo & Juliet Webquest
60 Second Shakespeare






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